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Asking Good Questions: Convergent Thinking

Question Types: Level 2—Convergent Thinking

Convergent thinking questions are those which represent the
analysis and integration of given or remembered information. They
lead you to an expected end result or answer.

Thought processes involved while asking and answering these questions are explaining, stating relationships, and comparing and contrasting.

Convergent thinking questions usually begin with these words or phrases:
In what ways...

Examples of convergent thinking questions:
How does gravity differ from electrostatic attraction?
How was the invasion of Grenada a modern day example of the Monroe Doctrine in action?
Why was Richard III considered an evil king?

In what ways does Roman drama compare to the heroic epics of Indian literature?

Based on: Ciardiello, Angelo. (1998). "Did you ask a good question today? Alternative cognitive and metacognitive strategies." Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. 42, 210-219. Used and modified with permission, 2003.

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